Featured Jobs 07/19/2019

EHS Manager

Location- Salt Lake City, UT


Job Summary: The EHS Manager is responsible for the development and execution of programs to ensure that the Company provides a safe workplace for employees and minimizes impacts to the environment. This position will lead compliance with all federal, state, and local environmental, health, and safety regulations. The incumbent will implement a sustainable environmental, health and safety management system at a plant level and drive EHS performance improvement and efficiency. This position will participate in the company EHS Leadership Network.

Plant Engineer

Location- Mobile, AL


Job Summary: The Plant Engineer is responsible for overall Plant Engineering, Cap Ex Projects and Maintenance activities for the facility to ensure the reliability and health of the manufacturing operation.  The Plant Engineer initiates, develops and helps implement projects to lower costs, improve quality, evaluate new technologies, evaluate new raw materials, and/or generate new business. This includes studying existing and new processes to help identify and implement improvement opportunities. The engineer also initiates projects that make plant facilities safer; reduce costs in such areas as energy, maintenance, and raw material usage; maintain the infrastructure of company facilities; and increase capacity.

QA Supervisor

Location- Rockford, IL


Job Summary: The Quality Assurance QA Supervisor plans and executes strategic initiatives to ensure food safety and expand the Quality Systems of the organization. Manage and direct all aspects of quality assurance to reach optimum quality and efficiency. This is a multibillion dollar food manufacturing company with plants throughout North America.